Will Direct Mail Ever Die?

letter in a letter box

Turns out, direct mail is thriving. Is your agency making the most of it?

Believe it or not, but direct mail continues to thrive. Many can argue that digital ads are slowly killing direct mail marketing efforts, but this is far from the truth. Even though we grow closer to a digital world, consumers are showing that they still favor direct mail. Here’s why.

Direct mail gets the best response

Think you’ll never hear from prospects if you send them a letter? Think again. A 2017 study found that direct mail received the highest response rate of 5.1 percent when compared to email and paid search response rates (0.6 percent). Although social media is taking marketing by storm, the response rate was only 0.4 percent. When we put these stats into perspective, it’s clear that direct mail is still king.

It’s tangible

In this digital world, consumers like to be able to feel and touch something that they cannot with digital marketing. A flyer or leaflet has weight, substance, and dimension. According to Small Business Trends, 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened, and only 20-30 percent of email gets opened on a good day

It complements other forms of marketing

Direct mail can thrive on its own, but it has proven to work well with digital ads, too. According to Merkle, direct marketing campaigns that used 1 or more digital media experienced a 118 percent lift in response rates. By encouraging consumers to visit a website in your mail piece and/or incorporating an email blast to follow up on prospects, you can ensure that more buyers are going to respond to your campaign. 

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