4 Habits of Highly Effective Agents

Habits of Highly Effective Agents

How these habits can make successful insurance agents.

Whether you’re new to the job or a veteran salesperson at an insurance agency, one thing is for sure: You never can have enough tools in the toolbox. Sales is a tough business. You need to know the industry, product, and audience backwards and forwards. Here are just a few habits that most effective insurance agents do on a regular basis.

They stay organized.

The most effective agents plan their days meticulously. It’s a good idea to set aside time each day for returning phone calls, prospecting, making outreach calls, and meeting with clients.

They have a follow-up process.

A well-thought-out follow-up process is key. It needs to be effective without being annoying. It may take a few trials and errors, but make sure you have a process. 

They work harder and longer than most.

They not only work harder and longer, they actually relish the fact they do. They get way more done than anyone else in their field, and this is why they succeed. They have an extreme focus on selected critical elements and have a depth of knowledge on their key subjects.

They provide exceptional service.

The most successful insurance professionals provide impeccable customer service and strive to go above and beyond for their customers. This builds value for clients and can turn them into lifelong customers.

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