What is a Video Hosting Platform and Which One Should I Use?

What is a Video Hosting Platform and Which One Should I Use?

Get started with videos by selecting the right video hosting platform.

Is your agency thinking of delving into the world of video? In this digital era, it is wise to appeal to all forms of marketing, including using video. Many consumers want instant gratification – they want to hear about something before they read it. They don’t have time to read, so they watch a video instead. It’s safe to say that videos are on the rise. Now that you know you want to create this type of content, you need to pick a hosting platform. Here are a few comparisons below to help you.


  • Most popular video hosting platform
  • Second largest search engine
  • Free to use
  • Best for videos geared towards “entertaining” audiences
  • Hard to draw viewers back to your website
  • Has their own branding and third-party advertising on your videos, which may cramp your style 


  • Second largest video hosting platform
  • Four membership levels. Basic is free. Business is $50/month
  • Known as “the creative person’s video hosting platform”
  • Commonly used for music videos, documentaries, and other artistic elements videos
  • Requires strong and stable internet connection, which some viewers may not have


  • Hosting platform specifically designed for marketing professionals to get viewers back to their website
  • Three tiers of service. Basic is free, professional is $100/month, premium starts at $300/month
  • Claims to be the video hosting platform
  • Offers in-depth analytics for the publisher
  • Works with the most popular marketing automation software, such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot

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