How to Deal with Fake Google Reviews

How to Deal with Fake Google Reviews

How to handle getting false Google reviews.

Every business understands how important reviews are for their livelihood. One review can make or break your business. But what happens when you get false Google reviews that hinder your business’s appearance online? Luckily, there are solutions.

Don’t respond with emotions. However untrue or nasty the review is, don’t respond when your emotions are taking over. If a prospective customer sees your angry response to a review, they could instantly see you as unprofessional and guilty. If your first impulse is to send an angry response, sleep on it. You may feel calmer in 24 hours to deal with it.

Remove the review. Fake reviews are particularly frustrating. They can be easily spotted due to a suspicious username and profile picture, which also may be blank. The best thing to do is to take down the review by contacting Google My Business. Be warned that the team from Google My Business may not accept your case. If you fail the first time, try again later on.

Respond. If you cannot remove the review, responding to it is your next best option. Keep your response objective and to the point. You may say that you have no record or recollection of any customer fitting this account and that you cannot verify anything about their online identity to a name in your records. Make sure to mention that if they were a client, you would like to investigate why they have left a poor review and ask them to contact you privately.

If you do receive a negative review that you think wasn’t deserved, be sure to ask for more reviews from current clients. Ask them for feedback so that you get an influx of positive feedback that will tip the scales in your favor.


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