Have You Tried Some of These Lesser-Known Marketing Tricks?

Have You Tried Some of These Lesser-Known Marketing Tricks?

Try these different ways to get the marketing juices flowing!

Any business owner will know that a successful marketing plan is one that uses a variety of techniques and avenues to promote your business. Although you may have tried a variety of different marketing methods, you may not have tried these lesser-known (but equally effective) strategies!

Consider Rebranding

Your brand communicates who you are and what you offer clients. Keeping up to date and staying ahead of the competition is imperative. If your brand looks outdated, you could be losing current clients and failing to attract new ones. Consider rebranding if you need to revamp your business’s image to appeal to the new market.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Consumers are known to trust business referrals from family and friends – so make the most of this! Your most loyal clients can act as a valuable marketing resource. Reach out to some of your best clients to engage them in a word-of-mouth marketing campaign and offer discounts or services if they refer your business.

Offer Freebies

It seems counter-intuitive to give away products for free, but they can help to grow your business. Some of the more successful brands have made their mark by giving their products (think notepads, pens, car stickers) and related items away for free. Not only does this small gift incentivize potential consumers to consider your business, but it also means your brand is getting out there in the public eye.

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