How Should You Ask for Online Reviews?

How Should You Ask for Online Reviews?

Start asking your clients for reviews.

Let’s face it, you ask a lot from your customers. You want their time, their money, and for them to return to your business for more. Asking for even more may seem risky, and a lot of business owners shy away from it, but online reviews can greatly improve your business.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews establish your business’s presence. Quite simply, it shows that your business is genuine and can be trusted. In this age of digital marketing, more and more customers are looking at reviews before making their final decision about a company. Another reason these comments are so important is because they act like personal recommendations. If someone takes a couple of minutes out of their day to leave you a review, it shows that they are using your services. Their friends and followers will see that they like your brand, and see what you have to offer. This is a free (and easy!) way to put your business in front of thousands of people.

How do I get reviews?

Naturally, businesses don’t want to push their luck with clients. But unfortunately, consumers are far more likely to write a negative comment than a positive one. If someone has a bad experience, they are almost motivated to leave bad reviews to warn others. It’s frustrating for business owners who may have handled the angry client with care and consideration. Another frustrating fact is that you can have hundreds of happy customers who are coming back again and again.

The good news is that you can encourage positive responses by asking your clients to leave you a review. Start with simply asking, either by sending an email or asking them when they come in or call you. Run a campaign on social media asking to review your services. To encourage people, you may want to consider holding a contest or giveaway if they write reviews on different sites.

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