What Are Insurance Clients Looking For?

What Are Insurance Clients Looking For?

Understand what your next insurance client truly wants.

As with any industry, knowing your market is imperative. Understanding your client’s wants and needs goes a long way in tailoring marketing strategies and crafting services and products. Insurance clients are a unique market. They know they need insurance and most of them want to purchase all-encompassing, full coverage. Yet, many of them don’t. To help you drive more sales in your insurance agency, you’ll need to understand what it is they truly want.

  • Millennials

The Millennial generation grew up around computers and are well versed in buying products and services online. As a result, they want to find accessible and affordable insurance with clear coverage. Although this generation may be in the habit of thinking they are invincible, it is your duty to stress the importance of insurance to cover their risks. Don’t be surprised if Millennials don’t opt for full coverage right away.

  • Online Quotes

The ability to provide an online quote is essential to compete with online direct writers. When someone shops online for insurance, they want to see figures – how much it’s going to cost them. An online quote helps to give them a ballpark figure of what they’ll end up paying. If someone, whatever their age, wants to compare coverage from three different sites, they’ll want to see numbers without picking up the phone or visiting an office.

  • Quality Service

If someone has to file a claim, they want (and expect) the insurer to handle it with care and caution. If they feel that the insurer doesn’t have their best interests in mind, this is when customers are going to begin looking elsewhere. Keep checking in with your clients to ensure that their needs have not changed and to answer any queries they may have.

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