How to Create Awesome Video to Promote Your Business

How to Create Awesome Video to Promote Your Business

Use multimedia to enhance your business’s marketing strategies.

We’re in the visual age. People want easy access to information and a personal touch never goes amiss. Videos are ideal for businesses to use to support their marketing strategies and excel their reputation. Videos are also great for businesses that want to establish themselves as experts in the industry. Information in text and video form can help your business to grow. Are you ready to get started on your video? Check out these tips to produce professional and watch-worthy content!

Decide how you’ll record your video. You don’t always need the most expensive camera to get started. You can do it on your smartphone and produce a relatively high-quality video. Decide what device you’ll use to film and if you’ll need a selfie stick to record yourself further away.

Pinpoint the location. Will you film indoors? Outdoors? Will you need to rent a studio? Think about the background your audience will see. Is it interesting but not distracting? If natural light isn’t sufficient, you may need to pick up a couple of lights for the viewers to see you clearly. Unless it’s part of your brand to be outside, it’s probably better to do it in a quiet space where you can control the ambient noise.

Pick a professional outfit. Think about the impression you want to make. The rule of thumb is to never wear stripes or small patterns (they will show up blurry), solid bright red or orange (because it will wash you out when you add the effect of lights), or glittery eyeshadow or lipstick. The clothes you choose will convey a message – so make it a good message!

Prepare your content. Are you an off-the-cuff speaker that needs minimal prep work? Or do you require a script to follow? Determine how you can talk best and start preparing. Think about all the points you want to cover and cut the information down into bite-sized chunks so that the video isn’t too long and that viewers can keep up.

Polish and profit. When you’re done filming, you can edit the video through a variety of programs. Find the one that best suits your computer and skill level or hire an editor to do it for you. Once it’s good to go, it’s ready to share with the world! Publish it where you see fit and link it throughout your website and social media sites, too.

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