Why to Keep a Production Log

Why to Keep a Production Log

Give your team the visual motivation they need to keep doing the activities that put numbers on the board.

Several years ago, we made a seemingly small change to our process that produced some mighty results. We created a simple tool called a production log. Our production log is essentially our scoreboard. The production log lists our agency’s wins—which amounts to the new business that we earn. We don’t put any rewrites on our production log; the log is reserved only for new wins. It is designed to show the opportunities we were able to capitalize on, and it gives us a way to quickly tally our progress at any given moment. Here is what our production log records:

  • The name of the new account
  • Type of account
  • Amount of money involved
  • Why people decide to do business with us over our competitors

The wonderful thing about our production log is that it automatically totals where we are at the end of every day, every month, every quarter, and every year. It also totals up exactly what kind of business we have earned, what kinds of relationships are working, and what kinds of relationships aren’t working for our business. It even shows us what carriers we are consistently winning with, and that allows us to be better marketers, better executers, and ultimately better at serving and protecting more people.

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