Nurture vs. Email: What You Need to Know

Nurture vs. Email: What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to email.

Email marketing evolved a number of years ago, and in its infancy, it was amazing. It doesn’t cost anything to send out an email message, and yet you can reach thousands of people instantly. Anyone who is savvy nowadays can build video and other cool features into his or her email messages for added effect. Of course, now many people have their spam filters in place, making its effectiveness from a marketing standpoint much less than it used to be. We have found, however, that email is still a great medium for nurturing relationships and staying in touch. We send out a monthly nurturing “safety message” to our customers to keep that bond strong and active. Our safety messages are usually tips for safe driving, being careful while on vacation, or how to prepare your home or car for the cold winter months—in other words, anything that would affect something they have paid money to insure.

There’s an old acronym known as TOMA, which stands for “Top of Mind Awareness.” Email is just another tool in your arsenal (along with all the others we’ve discussed so far) to keep you and your company at the top of your customers’ minds. We use emails to get customers involved in fun giveaways. A few months ago, I got some free tickets to a baseball game as a token of appreciation for doing a last-minute talk for a nonprofit. The date of the game conflicted with my schedule, so I called the office and said, “Let’s send a message to our clients about these tickets, and the seventh person to respond will get them.” We sent the message out via email and had 131 replies within an hour—it was amazing.

Collect emails whenever you can and add them to your database. You just never know how you will be able to use them in the future. Be cautious not to sell over email. No one wants to be sold in such an impersonal manner. Instead, send out regular emails that are fun or add some sort of value to a person’s day in the form of valuable information or even something tastefully humorous.

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