Sending Snail Mail

Sending Snail Mail

Get creative by sending your team letters! 

Who, in this day and age, sends letters anymore? We know what you’ll say – letters are outdated, expensive, and more time-consuming than sending a quick email. Even so, when you want to send something personal, a hand-written note will always beat out a quick, cold email. Believe it or not, but you can inspire motivation in your office by sending letters to team members.

The concept of sending a letter to a teammate may seem strange – after all, why pay for postage to send them something in the mail when we could just walk over and hand it to them? – but trust us! It really comes down to the elements of surprise and intrigue. Although, yes, you could just hand someone an envelope, but how much more dramatic is it to show up at the person’s door unannounced?

A great way to motivate team members is to compose a direct mail campaign. You can send a certain dollar amount (say, $10) to team members in the post with a written letter of goals for the month. Encourage sharing it with the family or treating themselves to something special. The dollar amount could represent the number that, when multiplied, equalled their monthly goal for attracting new business. Next, send out another follow-up, motivational note two weeks later. More motivational notes can follow to keep their goal in the forefront of their mind.

All it takes is to help your team feel important and needed to encourage that extra effort to reach their goals! Take care of your people and they will take care of you. Or is that pennies…?

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