Why to Keep a Production Log

Why to Keep a Production Log

Should your entity keep a production log?

No team wants to play their opponents on the field without a scoreboard. For this reason, it is often worth noting that teams work better when there is visual motivation in the form of a production log. A production log can essentially be a scoreboard, listing the agency’s wins, which amounts to the new business that we earn.

This production log shows new wins for the agency, and is designed to show the opportunities your team were able to capitalize on. In short, it gives you a way to quickly tally the company’s progress at any given time. It can also be broken down to show how well certain teams or employees are doing.

A typical production log can include:

  • The name of the new account
  • The type of account
  • Amount of money involved
  • Why people decided to do business with you over competitors

A great benefit about a production log is that it automatically totals where you are at the end of every day, month, quarter, and year. Additionally, it narrows down what kind of business you earned, when it was earned, and what kind of relationships are working. From this data, you can determine which relationships need improvement, what services to further promote, and the highlights of your business in the form of why customers are choosing you over others.

In turn, a production log allows you to be a better marketer, better executer, and ultimately better at serving people.

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