Top Tips to Motivate Your Team

Top Tips to Motivate Your Team

Schedule time for fun to motivate your team.

Working day in and day out is all well and good for business, but sometimes employees need a bit of a pick-me-up. We’re not saying that you need to take your employees out for a 5-course meal or skip a work day to bond at a theme park. There are easy ways (and affordable!) ways to boost morale of the team that will end up benefiting the productivity of your business!

Team Lunches
Surprise the team by shutting down the office for an hour and treating everyone to a meal. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Catering can be incredibly affordable, and your team will head back to their desks content, grateful, and ready for the afternoon!

Plan Some Fun
Every month or every other month, plan one fun afternoon, evening or weekend event for the team. There are plenty of fun things to do that will inspire team bonding while out of the office, such as bowling, a picnic, or simply playing some games in the park. You can even tie this into when a team member has a big victory or for a personal celebration like the graduation of a child, a birthday, or really any other reason to celebrate! It’s good to recognize and celebrate the little (and big!) things in life!

Get Their Input
You may think you have the perfect day planned, but if none of your employees enjoy playing basketball, then reserving a court and an afternoon off for everyone isn’t going to inspire many – if any. Listen to what their perfect day sounds like or jot down their favorite activities. Better yet, get some input on their ideas and collaborate events as a team.

Start a Jar Program
You can go one step further and start a jar program. Set a certain amount of money into a jar place on each employee’s desk (for example, $10). Each month, challenge the team to ask 10 clients about where they are going on vacation. Jot down each client’s response and put it in the jar. Asking the client two months later about their vacation will add that extra touch and personality!

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