Should You Perform Quarterly Reviews?

Should You Perform Quarterly Reviews?

Keep up to date with your team by performing quarterly reviews.

Without proper communication channels in place, a great team can rapidly turn into a dysfunctional one. When you’re not in touch with your team’s successes and struggles, and your team don’t know what to expect, then no side wins and the company hurts. Setting up quarterly reviews may seem excessive and repetitive, but to your business, they are essential.

Reviews aren’t just about checking up on your employees. The best reviews are designed to hold both employee and employer accountable for first-rate activity and support. Always note what your team member has done correctly or how they handled a situation with care and success. By showing that you acknowledge his or her successes, as well as their struggles, helps them to feel like a valuable part of the team.

Remember that a review goes both ways. Ask if you could be doing anything better to support him or her. While they may often say everything is running great for them, it is important to know that they can approach you should something need to be addressed. What’s more, it’s better for them to know that you’re willing to listen and make a change!

If you’re stuck on what to cover in a review, check out this agenda:

  • Discuss the current issues and events questions.
  • Extract any problems or concerns that they are experiencing. Use open-ended questions to help navigate this situation.
  • Talk to them about their goals, targets, and schedules.
  • Consider any workplace issues, ranging from temperature in the office to concerns about clients or team members.
  • Make sure they know if there is anything they need to get off their chest, you’re all open ears.

Remember that reviews help to ensure your employees and happy in their current position and place of work! With support and guidance, team members can stay with you for years.

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