How (and Why) to Embrace Team Meetings

How (and Why) to Embrace Team Meetings

Team meetings help to inspire, motivate, and strengthen your team.

Gone are the days where departments in a business don’t talk to each other. With open space offices and seamless communication, more and more businesses are integrating every business and every employee into meetings and decision-making. While many businesses choose to hold their weekly meetings on a Monday morning, success has been found in holding a meeting mid-week. A meeting first thing on Wednesday morning helps to get employees over the mid-week hump, as well as keep them on track for weekly and daily goals.

With that said, it’s not hugely important which day of the week you choose to hold you meeting. What is important is that you have them. A team meeting gets everyone on the same page to discuss the business, ideas, and help to solve pressing issues.

To help you schedule and structure your team meetings, check out this basic guide.

Week 1
Share concerns and compliments from clients and customers. Take the time to review recent reviews of the company and staff, so that you know where there are issues and how it can be solved – and share this with your staff. If there is a certain critique, ask the team the different ways in which to approach the issue. This bonding exercise helps to inspire teamwork as well as a solid service record.

Week 2
Week two should generally be about the number. Talk about retention, new business numbers, and add a bit of the financial figures in there to hit home. Share with your team where the company is and where you want to go with it. The goals should be posted in multiple places around the workspace so that none of these discussions are a surprise. Look ahead and work with your employees to improve the numbers daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Week 3
Now that you’ve addressed concerns and numbers, dedicate this meeting to be about goals. Do a quick run-down of everyone’s progress and how close they are to monthly goals. It’s a chance to find out if anyone needs help to reach his or her goals.

Final Weeks
In the last meeting (or two) of the month, discuss product and policy changes. We also talk about marketing ideas and plans for the months ahead. We open the floor for questions, comments, and concerns.

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