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Increase Worker Morale And Teamworking Skills With Team Building Activities

After the fourth project meeting with little success, a time comes when you have to decide if your workers can actually come together with the answers and creativity to complete the project. Many managers simply throw the workers together to see what stews from the process. Yet there are other ways to get the team working together productively: introducing team building skills.

Team building skills are designed to allow employees to form stronger relationships and skills needed to work together. These planned activities strive to get employees thinking on the same page of completing the task in the best manner possible, while still allowing them to use their individual creativity and problem-solving to help address problems.

Benefits of creating team building activities:

  • Builds confidence and motivation
  • Increases interpersonal skills and cooperation
  • Hones problem-solving skills in a team environment
  • Increases the employee’s creativity
  • Promotes productivity

Managers can benefit from team building activities because they can also address problems between individual employees, as they smooth out possible relationship issues until everyone can come to a positive agreement. While it might take time from other projects, the long-term benefits will help the overall work each employee does for the company.

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Benefits of the Annual Offsite Team Meeting

An annual offsite team meeting provides the opportunity to review numbers and facts in a different setting without internal distractions. The importance of team meetings is to open the lines of communication and discuss individual roles in the process of accomplishing shared goals. In the team meeting, objectives are clarified, plans are put into place, and goals are created.

There is a proven method for setting and achieving goals in the workplace. Using the SWOT team building exercise promises results. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

  • Strengths: Know the qualities that make the business or project successful over others.
  • Weaknesses: Understand what puts the business or project at a disadvantage when compared to others.
  • Opportunities: Realize new ways to promote the business or project.
  • Threats: Recognize factors that could be problematic for the business or project.

With the SWOT analysis, objectives are clear and future goals can be decided and action items can be assigned. Results can be measured and discussed at the next team meeting, whether internal or offsite.

An annual offsite team meeting brings the advantage of gaining a fresh perspective with a change of scenery. In a different environment, yearly achievements can be discussed and future goals can be created. The importance of team meetings is to share the responsibility of success.

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How Team Building Exercises can Better your Company

Building corporate morale takes a team effort. Having a cohesive team is important in strategizing and enhancing the bottom line. Everyone within the company, from the executive team to the mailroom, needs to work on one accord to ensure the longevity of the corporation. Team building is one of the ways in which employees can learn to work together as one unit. The benefits of team building exercises are huge.

Team building helps the entire organization understand their roles and how they all work together towards one goal. This also helps to maintain a high level of productivity, helps solve problems and encourages communication. Depending on the team, these exercises could be inside, outside or take an entire weekend. The main goal is coming together as one. Some popular team building exercises are Problem Solving 101, Survivors, Wheel or no Wheel and Conflict Management for Business Skills. All of these have components that target all levels of employees, stressing the need for everyone to work on one accord to get things done.

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