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Should You Hire a Personal Assistant?

Why You Should Consider a Personal Assistant

Should You Hire a Personal Assistant?

Most people who run their own small businesses don’t believe they can afford a personal assistant. In my opinion, you can’t afford not to have a personal assistant! There is only one you—and that means you shoulder the primary responsibly for turning your business into more than just a one-man or one-woman show. Hiring an assistant to do the more routine daily tasks frees you to work ON the things that are the highest leverage items for your business. I have a list of over fifty items that my personal assistant does every month. She doesn’t always get to every task each month because we’ve worked to prioritize the list from highest to lowest, but she always gets it done—and done remarkably well.

Personal assistants give you the most important thing you can have when trying to grow your business: Freedom. Hiring a personal assistant means you have allowed yourself the freedom to live life on your own terms, the freedom to be an entrepreneur, the freedom to work in the areas where you shine the brightest, and the freedom to manage your own time.

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