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How much control does your team have at their desk?

Thanks to Isreal Valdavinos of the Valdavinos Insurance Agency for his question on copiers and scanners.

A few days prior to November 5,2001, we created our last paper file. One of the best moves we ever made. When this decision was made, we also had to create a solution for our team members to process the paper at their desk – remember, the only time our agencies will ever be “truly paperless” is when the bathroom is paperless – hence never. We decided to put a scanner at each desk, therefore giving each team member complete control of their efficiency destiny on demand. The investment has worked wonders.

Our scanner of choice for the past 9 plus years has been the Scan Snaps from Fujitsu. Duplex, color, 30 ppm, real workhorses will no hassle. here’s a link – . there are other scanners on the market that work very well. Please let us know via your comments what works well for your team. Also, before investing in a scanner, make sure you identify whether your scanner must be twain compliant.

We do have a small, inexpensive office copier for general needs.

We hope this helps you achieve the life of your dreams.

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