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Launching a Startup in 2014? Here’s the Top 10 Cities for Potential Business Owners

A recent study took to the world and identified the best cities in the United States where a small business would see the most success. Some cities are known for start-ups, such as San Diego and San Francisco. Both of these were on the list, but there are other cities that are good for start-up small businesses other than those in California.

The study used five different factors to determine the top cities for small businesses to be launched. Those five factors were as follows:

  1. Percentage of small businesses of all businesses.
  2. Percentage of those that accept credit/debit cards.
  3. Percentage of high-growth industry small businesses.
  4. Percentage of those with a website and/or Facebook page.
  5. Percentage of those with online customer reviews.

With the aforementioned factors and focusing on the most populated cities, it was determined that San Diego was the best place to launch a start-up this year. Denver came in second with Austin, Seattle and Portland rounding out the top five. The rest of the top 10 cities for small businesses in 2014 included San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, NYC and Chicago.

For more information about launching a startup, Mike Stromsoe of Mike’s Unstoppable Profit Producer Program

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