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Fun Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Fun Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Check out these different ideas for a client-appreciation event.

For many independent insurance agencies, it can be hard to stand out against the competition. Because of this, it’s extra important to appreciate your clients for choosing you over a large, national insurer. While social media and email campaigns can help to keep your consumers involved and engaged, that doesn’t always mean that they will stick around. People like to feel valued, which is why it is a great idea for insurance agencies to throw client appreciation events! A successful event can create raving fans, leading to more referrals and top-notch reviews.

Check out these ideas to get you started!

Host a movie night. Movie theater rentals are a great budget-friendly idea to screen a family-friendly film. Although you may not get much time to interact with your client, it’s a nice gesture that encourages them to think of you as a good support system.

Holiday-themed events. These types of gatherings can be an incredible business generator if executed properly. From Christmas parties, Thanksgiving potlucks, and Valentine’s Day socials, these events get everyone involved and talking about your business.

Set up exclusive tours. Contact your local museum or gallery and arrange a tour of the whole exhibit and even the off-limits areas. A private tour is exclusive, which helps your clients feel special.

Host a pottery or painting class. These are fun activities that get people involved and give them something tangible to take home. It helps them remember you and the event.

Offer a complimentary dinner. A basic (but effective) way to show clients appreciation is to host a dinner for them and their friends and families. Choose a place suitable to your audience’s preferences and get to know their guests because they could be future clients.

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