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Get Big Efficiency For Your Small Business With Google Apps

Apps To Apply In Your Workplace

It can be difficult to see success in your small business when you are trying to compete with major corporations. Fortunately, Google has developed a handful of business apps that your small business can use to get huge results. Business owners who take advantage of these resources will see increased efficiency for increased success.

  • Gmail: More and more communication is being conducted over email, so it is important to use an email service that makes it easy to stay organized. Gmail boasts 25 gigabytes of storage for each account and the ability to search within your archived messages so you can easily pull up the information you need. When you use Gmail with Google Apps, you can use your domain to customize your email address (e.g. [email protected]).
  • Google Calendar: Sync your daily activity with that of your team’s for improved efficiency, utilizing the shared calendar options available from Google Calendar. You can even access the calendar from any device that can connect to the Internet, making it easy to stay on schedule even while you travel.
  • Google Docs: Encourage collaboration in your office by using this app. Simply share a document with your team and set permissions so everyone can edit and voilà- you have one document from which everyone can work instead of sharing it back and forth via email. If you do not like the latest edits, do not worry. With Google Docs, you can always access a previous version.

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