Avoid These Mistakes That Perpetuate the Myth That All Insurance Agents Are the Same

Avoid These Mistakes That Perpetuate the Myth That All Insurance Agents Are the Same

Stand out from the crowd by avoiding these common errors.

As an insurance agent, you will know that the industry is full of hot competition. You want your services to stand out from the crowd so that you can attract more clients. But how exactly do you go about that? To get started, avoid making these mistakes that perpetuate the myth that all insurance agents are the same.

  • Not thinking outside of the box

When an insurance agent thinks of promotional material, the first thought is often to make low-budget promotional videos and plaster their agency on signs and benches. But before you make all those common marketing mishaps, think twice. We are moving towards dominant digital marketing, so consider making digital ads that are clean and concise.

  • Not highlighting your services

Do you do anything different than most insurance agents and agencies? If so, let your followers and fans know! If you have particularly good reviews and referrals, make sure to share them on your site and social media. People like to know what they’re getting out of a service so be sure to highlight that.

  • Not leveraging reviews

Most people view insurance agents as the same. However, if they see that your agency has reviews from real clients, they are more inclined to pay attention. Reviews give more depth to your agency as people see you as a person rather than just another service provider. Make sure to ask for referrals from your clients so that you have a nice accumulation of reviews.

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