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Power of a Question

Have you ever had a light-bulb moment? An ah-ha thought?

Those fantastic moments often start at the same place: A question. Of course, good leaders have good ideas. But great leaders ask the questions that produce invaluable thinking in others.

In this week's Money Making Strategy, Mike Stromsoe shares a straightforward question that will push your Independent Insurance Agency team to be better critical thinkers and more capable problem-solvers.

PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS What are you currently doing daily to improve your leadership skills?

You Have NO Risk...

We feel so strongly about people’s results from our programs – if you’re not 100%satisfied, you will receive the promised refund and we’ll part friends. It’s that simple!

I know, you are asking, why is Mike Stromsoe willing to take all the risk and stick his neck out like this?

It’s simple … my 35+ year reputation in business means everything to me. I’m devoted to having only successful, satisfied clients. If you’re not going to profit from attending this event, I really would prefer to refund your money and part as friends. I have no unhappy clients, and I am not about to start with you!


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