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The Magic of the 72-Hour Rule: Transform Learning into Action

Have you ever been super pumped during a workshop, jotting down every golden nugget, only to later find those notes buried under piles of paper on your desk? If that resonates, you're definitely not alone. But, guess what? We've got a trick up our sleeves that can switch things up for you – it's the "72-hour rule."

We dive deep into this fascinating concept in our recent Money Making Strategy Series episode with Mike Stromsoe.

What's this 72-hour rule, you ask?

Well, imagine being able to actually act on all that wisdom you've gathered rather than letting it fade away. The 72-hour rule is the magic wand that turns that wish into reality by urging you to act within, you guessed it, 72 hours!

If you're anything like us and have stacks of notebooks filled with 'ah-ha!' moments that never saw the light of day, this episode might just be the game-changer you need. Because let's face it, knowledge is only as good as the action it prompts.

So, next time you're armed with fresh insights, remember the 72-hour countdown is ticking! By the end of it, you'll be inspired to look at those notes in a brand-new light.

And who knows?

Your next big breakthrough could be just 72 hours away. Your future self (and that overflowing notebook) will surely be grateful!

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