Joel McKinley


Joel was born in Colorado and spent his early youth there, but when you’re raised in a military family you get to claim everywhere as “home”. Joining the army (he knew he would at age 11) to serve as an infantryman after graduating high school, Joel has deployed and served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Kosovo and is grateful for the opportunity to serve his country. One of the highlights of Joel’s military career was the achievement of becoming 1 of less than 20 total Ranger Master Gunners in the history of the Army. Joel retired from the military after 20 years in 2018 and now gets to use those superhero powers on being a dad to his two super cool kids. Joel dove in headfirst as part of the UPP team to also share his superhero powers with the Unstoppable Nation to continue to serve others and help agency entrepreneurs grow their business, create wealth and have more freedom.


Joel is the Accountability For YOU Director. Joel works one-on-one with agency entrepreneurs monthly to review their goals, identify what they have accomplished, and to help in any way possible to keep them on the path to higher achievement.


  • Loves Star Wars and is comfortable with his inner nerd
  • Woodworking is his passion hobby
  • Loves to build, create, and take things apart (sometimes they go back together and actually work)
  • Won Regional Top Seller of Cub Scouts popcorn at 8 years old (#3 Nationally)
  • Has a legitimate fear of sharks and will not go in the ocean
  • Lived in Germany for 8 years
  • Was choked unconscious by UFC legend Royce Gracie