Anita Hernandez


Anita is the newest UPP team member. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace (and life!), she is always mentally creating content and has a tight grip on capturing the essence of pure moments. Her successful experience and her passion for continuously growing and learning make her a great fit with our UPP Team. Anita and her husband are laidback folk who enjoy freedom of movement throughout this beautiful world...oh and we cannot forget their fur baby, Kahlo, (which we are fairly sure he has traveled to more places than most humans). Anita grew up in good ole Speedway Indiana home of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" and attending the beloved Indy 500 is a family tradition in the Hernandez household. Anita is a Hoosier at heart, but do not hold that against her. During her vacation time you’ll find her enjoying a good Netflix binge, on the volleyball court, or catching a plane while traveling the world.


As part of the VIP Member Experience Team, Anita helps support UPP in their mission to make an impact through marketing strategies, video production, social media engagement and so much more. Anita has an eye for design and puts it to work in all our marketing endeavors. She provides Unstoppable customer service to our incredible UPP community and goes above and beyond to serve others. She loves to see the amazing ways our members give back to their communities and is always looking for a good ‘Shout Out’ to recognize others!!!!


  • Don’t hold it against her but she is not a fan of cheese
  • Splits her time in the States & South America
  • First concert ever attended was Evenessene
  • Has been told she has her own language - nitaeese (neat - uh- ease)