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Quickly Identify If a Prospect Is or Isn't Your Ideal Client

In this episode of 'Money Making Strategies,' your Unstoppable host, Mike Stromsoe, shares the Art of Disqualification…learned in 2002 from Jack Werth. Mike gets candid when he expresses there are millions of people. Thousands in YOUR "Acre of Diamonds." You only need a "chosen few." 

Learn on this week's episode how to QUICKLY disqualify, refer to others, dismiss, etc., those you do not want or need to work with and improve your conversion rate and retention. 

Triple Go No Go: Ask your prospect these questions to quickly disqualify price shoppers, unwanted prospects:

1. Why did you call us?

2. Are you happy with your current agent?

3. How long have you been with your current agent?

4. Are you price shopping?

5. Is your current agent a family member?


PLEASE SHARE How a question how you find your ideal clients: 

You Have NO Risk...We feel so strongly about people's results from our programs – if you're not 100%satisfied, you will receive the promised refund, and we'll be part friends. It's that simple!

I know you are asking, why is Mike Stromsoe willing to take all the risk and stick his neck out like this?

It's simple … my 35+ year reputation in business means everything to me. I'm devoted to having only successful, satisfied clients. If you're not going to profit from attending this event, I would prefer to refund your money and part as friends. I have no unhappy clients, and I am not about to start with you!


"Bootcamp is three action-packed days of learning, networking & motivation! The older I get, the more I appreciate Mike Stromsoe's energy, dedication & selflessness in helping others in the greatest industry in the world!"

David Archibald | Member Since 2022 | Archibald Insurance

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